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BW M5-XWAY-R-P-D-Y-N-00 GasAlertMicro 5 Detectors Multi-Gas

description:GasAlertMicro 5 Detectors,% LEL, O2, H2S, CO, NH3 - lithium polymer battery and pump - yellow housing...
BW M5-XWAY-R-P-D-Y-N-00 GasAlertMicro 5 Detectors Multi-Gas Detectors

BW GasAlertMicro 5 Multi-Gas Detector Series Offers

Compact, lightweight, waterproof to 3 ft and has a concussion proof boot with an optional attachable/removable pump. Audible, visual and vibrator alarms activate in the event of a low, high, TWA or STEL alarm condition. An optional motorized pump is available.

Supported Gases

  • H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide
  • CO - Carbon Monoxide
  • LEL Combustibles
  • NH3 - Ammonia


  • Compact (5.7 x 2.9 x 1.5 in. / 14.5 x 7.4 x 3.8 cm) and lightweight (13.1 oz. / 370 g)
  • Rugged, highly water-resistant design... Continuous LCD shows simultaneous gas concentrations for 5 gases
  • Integral concussion-proof enclosure for the most rugged environments
  • Integral motorized pump option for remote sampling (optional)
  • Two power options: three AA alkaline batteries or a rechargeable battery pack
  • Provides 95 dB alarm tone and two bright wide-angled alarm bars
  • Equipped with internal vibrating alarm for high noise areas
  • Multi-language support in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Three backlight options: standard-activates in low light (auto), in alarm (auto) and reactivates on-demand; alarm only-activates in alarm conditions and reactivates on-demand; stealth mode
  • Four alarm levels: instantaneous Low and High Alarm for all gases; TWA (time weighted average) and STEL (short term exposure limit) for toxic gases
  • Simple automatic calibration procedure; compatible with BW MicroDock II system
  • Records TWA, STEL and maximum exposures to gas and displays readings on command
  • User selectable field options include: confidence beep, pass code protection, latching alarm, calibration due date and "SAFE" display function, stealth mode, selectable ppm resolution for some gases (e.g. SO2 0.1 ppm)
  • Full function self-test of: sensor, battery and circuit integrity; and audible/visual alarms


  • Confined Space Entry
  • Wastewater Plants
  • Steel / Iron Production
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Food and Beverage
  • Construction

BW GasAlertMicro 5 Multi-Gas Detector Series Specifications:

Gas Measuring range Resolution TWA STEL LOW HIGH
O2 0-30.0% 0.1 N/A N/A 19.5 22.5
CO 0-999 ppm 1 35 200 35 200
H2S 0-100 ppm 1 10 15 10 15
SO2 0-100 ppm 0.1 2 5 2 5
Cl2 0-50.0 ppm 0.1 0.5 1.0 0.5 1.0
NH3 0-100 ppm 1 25 35 25 50
LEL 0-100% LEL
0-5% v/v
1% N/A N/A 10% 20%


Fleet Manager II allows you to conveniently manage your gas detectors. Data storage and analysis has never been so simple. With the same look and feel as Fleet Manager, Fleet Manager II allows users to download information directly from BW Technologies or the MicroDock II.

With improved functionality, users can:

  • Automatically create accurate and user-friendly reports
  • Easily sort, format and graph data as well as view history
  • Archive and share data easily, including databases
  • Download and manage calibration and bump check records as well as datalogged information onto any PC

Fleet Manager is compatible with

  • GasAlert Quattro
  • Gasalert Max XT
  • GasAlert Clip Extreme 24 Month
  • GasAlert Clip Extreme 36 Month
  • GasAlert Extreme
  • GasAlertMicro
  • GasAlertMicro 5 Series (Micro 5 IR, Micro 5 PID)
  • GasAlertMicroClip
  • MicroDock II

What's included with the BW GasAlertMicro 5 Multi-Gas Detector Series

  • BW GasAlertMicro 5 Multi-Gas Detector
  • Stainless steel alligator clip
  • Concussion-proof housing
  • Cradle charger and wall outlet charging adaptor (with rechargeable battery option)
  • Sample probe (with motorized pump option)
  • Screwdriver
  • Calibration/test adaptor and hose
  • Rechargeable battery pack or alkaline pack with three AA batteries
GasAlertMicro 5

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