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MultiPro Multi-Gas Detector

description:Simultaneously monitors up to four confined space gases in real-time....
MultiPro Multi-Gas Detector
Simultaneously monitors up to four confined space gases in real-time.
Features & Benefits
One button operation and calibration
Compact and rugged design
Black box recorder with over 40 hours of storage

Quick Specs
Material” Polycarbonate with tough rubber overmold
Available sensors: O2, LEL, CO, H2S, DuoToc (CO/H2S)
Computer interface: Wireless via PC IrDA port
Product Overview
The MultiPro multi-gas detector monitors up to four confined space gases simultaneously, in real-time. It offers one button operation and calibration, an easy-to-read LCD display, audible and visual alarms and event logger. The rugged, compact, economical MultiPro comes with an optional sample draw pump. As part of the IQ Management System, the automated IQ Express™ docking station saves on calibration gas costs, automates your record keeping, and ensures your instrument is working to specifications.
Additional Features and Benefits:
Compact and rugged
One button operation
Easy-to-read front mounted backlit display
Over-molded boot
Automatic event logger (20 events, including sensor type, max, average, time and duration)
Black-Box recorder with over 40 hours of storage
Available with optional datalogging for convenient and easy downloading to a computer
Sensors and Calibration
Three sensors: O2, LEL and Biosystems’ Duo-Tox two channel CO/H2S sensor
Field replaceable sensors
One button auto calibration
Calibration due reminder
Sensor span reserve indicators during calibration for predictive maintenance
Alkaline or rechargeable (Li-Ion) versions
Up to 22 hours of run time
Drop-in fast charger
Recharges in less than 5 hours
MultiPro Case for Confined Space Kit (CSK)
Continuous Sample Pump
Continuous Sample Pump
Motorized Sample Draw Pump, includes 10 ft. of tubing and sample probe.
MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station
MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station
The MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station is an automatic calibration station for use with MultiPro Gas Detectors. The MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station automatically performs up to eight critical tests including sensor identification, instrument performance, bump and alarm tests and record-keeping procedures in 1 minute.
Infrared Communication Device
Infrared Communication Device
USB - IrDA requires one available PC USB port
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