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Yokogawa AXFA11G Magnetic Flowmeterr high grade Remote Converter

description:The AXFA11 magnetic converter has been developed based on Yokogawa's decades long experience in magnetic flowmeters....
Yokogawa AXFA11G Magnetic Flowmeterr high grade Remote Converter

The AXFA11 magnetic converter has been developed based on Yokogawa's decades long experience in magnetic flowmeters. The AXFA11 continues the tradition of high quality and reliability that has become synonymous with the Yokogawa name and in addition features an even higher level of performance and increased functionality.

Retaining all the features and functions of the Admag series of converters, in addition the AXFA11 offers an enhanced dual frequency excitation method as an option for difficult applications as well as new diagnostics to detect electrode coating. Combined with a flowtube utilizing the optional replaceable electrode design, the user benefits through the ability to schedule maintenance for reduced process downtime and in turn a lower total cost of ownership.

The AXFA11 magnetic flowmeter high grade remote converter is a sophisticated product with outstanding reliability and ease of operation, developed on the basis of decades of field-proven experience.
The AXFA11 employs an LCD indicator, infra-red switches, and “Easy Setup” parameters to ensure substantially improved ease of maintenance.
The combination of a replaceable electrode type flowtube and diagnostics to detect the adhesion level on the electrodes dramatically improves maintainability.
The AXFA11 also employs the fluid noise free “Dual Frequency Excitation Method” and the newly added “Enhanced Dual Frequency Excitation Method” as an option for more difficult applications to ensure greater stability and quicker response.
Note: The “Dual Frequency Excitation Method” is Yokogawa’s unique technology.


Excitation Method: (Combined with AXF Remote Flowtube)

Standard dual frequency excitation:

Size 2.5 to 400 mm (0.1 to 16 in.)

Enhanced dual frequency excitation:

Size 25 to 200 mm (1.0 to 8.0 in.)

(Optional code HF1 or HF2)

Pulsed DC excitation:

Size 500 to 2600 mm (20 to 104 in.) 


Input Signal:                              

Two Status Inputs: Dry contact                              

Load resistance: 200 or less (ON), 100 k or more (OFF)   


Output Signals:                                

One Current Output: 4 to 20 mA DC (load resistance: 1k  maximum, including cable resistance)                            

One Pulse Output:                                 

Transistor contact output (open collector)                             

Contact capacity: 30 V DC (OFF), 200 mA (ON)                                  

Output rate: 0.0001 to 10,000 pps (pulse/second)                               

One Alarm Output:                            

Transistor contact output (open collector)                             

Contact capacity: 30 V DC (OFF), 200 mA (ON)                                  

Two Status Outputs:                                

Transistor contact output (open collector)                             

Contact capacity: 30 V DC (OFF), 200 mA (ON)   


Communication Signals:                                 

BRAIN or HART communication signal                                  

(Superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA DC signal)                              

Distance from Power Line: 15 cm (6 in.) or more                                 

(Parallel wiring should be avoided.)       



Communication Distance:                               

Up to 1.5 km (0.93 miles), when polyethylene insulated PVC-sheathed cables (CEV cables) are used.                                 

Communication distance varies depending on the type of cable and wiring used.                                

Load Resistance:                             

250 to 450  (including cable resistance)                              

Load Capacitance: 0.22 µF or less                                

Load Inductance: 3.3 mH or less                            

Input Impedance of Communicating Device: 10 k or more (at 2.4 kHz)   



Load Resistance250 to 600  (including cable resistance)                            

Note: HART is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation.   


Data Security During Power Failure:                              

Data (parameters, totalizer value, etc.) storage by EEPROM. No back-up battery required.

Indicator: Full dot-matrix LCD (32132 pixels)


Lightning Protector:

The lightning protector is built into the excitation current output, the current output, the signal common, and the pulse/alarm/status input and output terminals. When optional code A is selected, the lightning protector is built into the power terminals.



IP66, IP67



Case and Cover: Corrosion-resistant coating

Coating Color; Silver gray (Munsell 3.2PB 7.4/1.2 or its equivalent)

Cover Mounting Screws: Polyurethane corrosion-resistant

Coating Color: Mint green (Munsell 5.6BG 3.3/2.9 or its equivalent)


Converter Material: Case and Cover: Aluminum alloy


Mounting: 2-inch pipe, panel or surface mounting

Electrical Connection: ANSI 1/2 NPT female

                                    ISO M20 1.5 female

                                    JIS G1/2 (PF1/2) female

Terminal Connection: M4 size screw terminal



Grounding resistance 100  or less

When optional code A is selected, grounding resistance 10  or less shall be applied.


Combined Remote Flowtube:

AXFA11 Converter can be combined with size 2.5 to 2600 mm (0.1 to 104 in.) of AXF Remote Flowtube.

However, the AXFA11 converter cannot combine with AXF Remote Flowtube of TIIS flame proof type (In this case, use the AXFA14 converter).

If a combined converter is changed from AXFA11 to AXFA14 or vice versa, a new meter factor must be adjusted by flow calibrations.



Note: AXFA11 Converter can be also combined with size 500 to 1000 mm (20 to 40 in.) of AXW Remote Flowtube.

Refer to GS 01E25D11-01EN regarding the combination with AXW Remote Flowtube.



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